Why Choose Adventure Travel?

Tourism and travel mean different things to different people. We are all different, which makes life a fun, unique ride. For some, travel is for relaxing and catching up on some mush needed decompression. For others it is an opportunity to explore and have new experiences. If you fit into the second group, adventure travel is for you.

According to the U.S. based Adventure Travel Trade Association, adventure travel may be any tourist activity that includes two of the following three components: a physical activity, a cultural exchange or interaction and engagement with nature

I am an adventure travel addict. It is an addiction that I warmly embrace. I am adventure excursion guide. This line of work has taken me to far and exotic places around the world. Sometimes I was working and others I was just exploring and enjoying new experiences. If you are or are interested in being an adventure tourist here are a few things I found that can make your travel experiences more rich and rewarding:

  • Learn a little before go! 

adventure travel

Having some knowledge about where you are going before you go will make your time there more rewarding.

Being able to say a few things in the local language will make you feel more comfortable. Simple phrases “Hello’s” “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” “How are you?” It makes locals happy to see visitors embracing their culture and language.

Take some time to learn about local plants and animals, cultural norms, local food and drinks. Then take that knowledge and try it out during your travels.

  • Approach new experiences with an open mind!

open mind

In my travels I have learned that for the most part, “rights” and “wrongs” are universal. Everything else is just “different” Every culture has a different view on personal space, waiting in lines, greetings, music and voice volumes, dancing, dress, I could keep going.

My favorite part of traveling is trying new food, listening to different local music, and interacting with local people. When a new experience is in front of me I approach it like it might be my only opportunity to try it. Why not, right? Life is short!

  •  Step out of your comfort zone!

comfort zone

This one is really the whole definition of adventure travel. I take people to do things that they do not do in their normal everyday lives. Sometimes you might be scared, like rappelling down a waterfall. On the other side of your fear is one of the most rewarding feelings that you can have in your life.

  • Pack Light, but pack right! 

over packing

I’ll admit I have a hard time with this one. I like outdoor gear (my other addiction). Of course when travelling I want to bring and try out my new gear. Only to return home and realise I lugged it around a country and never used it. I found that even clothing can be hand washed and hung up to be used the next day (especially synthetic outdoor clothing). My easiest travels have always been when I had less and was able to move easy and enjoy light luggage. Also I found that having expensive or delicate items are asking to be broken, damaged, and in certain places make you a target.

Also please leave packaging, especially plastics or cardboard back in the developed world. Most developing countries have many issues with garbage from lack of infrastructure. Most of the developed world (North America, Europe) have recycling programs and these items will find its way to where it should go instead of sensitive environments.

  • Take memories, leave footprints! 

leave footprints

Adventure travel involves interacting and engaging with nature. Many environments are very sensitive. Leaving something in place ensures that it will be there for future generations of adventurers! Of course taking memories should involve photos! I have quite a collection of photos of my adventure travels.

I hope that these few suggestions help and inspire you to adventure on!

Adventuresque is proud to partner up with companies that have a vision for conversation and that are actively taking steps for preserving earth’s sensitive ecosystems for future adventurers.

Adventuresque is a multi sport adventure week in Dominican Republic. We have an itinerary that is action packed and focused on sustainable outdoor eco-adventures. Our partners are devoted to offering the highest quality eco-adventures while practicing leave no trace and minimal impact.


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