Waterfall jumping
waterfall jumping
waterfall Jumping
waterfall jumping

So it is more than likely that at some point during your adventure vacation package with Adventuresque you will jump off or next to a waterfall. Waterfall jumping is an art form. Waterfall jumping is the cherry on the fudge sundae. Waterfall jumping is… Well we think you get the point!

But waterfall jumping does take a little knowledge. Here are some pointers to make you a successful at waterfall jumping!

Waterfall Jumping Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t Hesitate too long, because the waterfall jump get higher.  When to step up to the jump and know where the landing is, count to 3 and go for it! The longer you wait, think, and stare at the jump the bigger and higher it gets.
  2.  Jump out! Remember that these are cliffs/and or waterfalls jumping that we are doing we need to be away from the waterfall or cliff face. A good leap out of 3 feet (1 meter) is enough to be away from the dangerous part.   
  3. Look down at your landing. When you leap of the waterfall or cliff. look down at where you are landing. This moves the body in a position that is down and compressed ready for your water landing. If you look up and ask God/Buddha/Allah what you just did, the answer will be painful. Looking up will cause you to roll back and land more on your back or butt. Both of which are quite painful. We want to land on our feet.
  4. Grab some air. It is recommend it that you act like a parachute and stay big in the air and compress in before landing.
  5. Land feet first with bent knees. This give a better and softer landing. Bending your knees compresses the body and allows to absorb the impact.
  6. You cannot fly, tuck those arms in! Those arm can really feel the height of high waterfall jumping. It is recommended that you tuck those wings in before landing. You can have them at your side, touching your head, plugging your nose, or however. If not prepare for a river souvenir in the form a purple and blue bruise!

What makes waterfall jumping awesome is that you are jumping on moving water. Which makes the landing soft and make better than still water. We hope that these pointers can help you nail your next waterfall jump wether its from 3 feet or 30 feet!

We love waterfall jumping and cliff jumping! We love sharing our waterfall and cliff jumping passion during an Adventuresque adventure vacation package week in Dominican Republic.

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