Before you are convinced that the Dominican Republic is an awesome, off the beaten path adventure destination I will answer your first question. “Where the heckl is the Dominican Republic?”

The Dominican Republic is located on the eastern 2/3 of the island of Hispañola. She shares a border with Haiti is southeast of Cuba and Puerto Rica is due east. Her north coast faces the Atlantic Ocean, while her south coast the Caribbean Sea. Got a D in 7th-grade geography? Here’s a map:

Dominican Republic map

A big reason the Dominican Republic is so awesome is her geography. Nearly 80% of the country in covered in mountains. There are 4 mountain ranges to be specific. Within her borders, there are coastal plains, islands, rivers, and some the world’s finest beaches. The DR boasts the highest elevation (10,137 feet) and the lowest 132 feet below sea level in the Caribbean.  All this and 7 million of the 11 million in population are squeezed into 2 cities. Leaving the rest of the country rural and an adventurers playground.

Inside these mountains are treasures for those daring enough to venture outside the tourists well-beaten path and find them. Countless  plummeting waterfalls, Taino (native people) painted caves, raging rivers, hidden springs, rain and cloud forests.



Badass Dominican Republic
dominican republic badass
Rappelling Dominican Republic
dominican republic badass

Some other fun facts that make the Dominican Republic Awesome:

  • 25% of the country’s land and coastal shores are preserved as national parks, reserves, and sanctuaries.
  • The highest peak is Pico Duarte which is 10,137 feet.
  • The lowest point and the largest lake is Enriquillo which -132 below sea level
  • The Native Tainos introduced the western world to hammocks and canoes.
  • There are 800 miles of coastline in the Dominican Republic
dominican republic badass
Cliff jumping Dominican Republic
dominican republic badass
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Matt McArthur

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Matt McArthur is the founder and head guide at Adventuresque. An adventure vacation company in the Dominican Republic. Adventuresque offers extreme vacation packages, family adventure packages, and glamping 2-night packages.

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