Taking Your First Surf Lesson

Learning to surf is more like a marathon than a sprint. It takes years of practice, patience, and wipeouts before you will feel comfortable in the surf. BUT nothing in my life has brought me such simple pleasure as riding waves. I have take many people out for their first and possibly only surf lesson. Surfing is something that everyone should try at least once in their life. Here are a few things I have come up with when taking your first surf lesson and making it one of the best days of your life!


surf lesson

Surfing was invented, we think by the ancient Hawaiians. It was purely for recreation. It shows how advanced their social system was, if they had something they did for no other reason but enjoyment. If you remember that’s only for fun. It will always be fun.


  • To Ride Water, You Must Be Like Water

be like water


I know that this sounds totally “Surfer Dude”. There is some truth in it. If you stay loose and relaxed in the water you will conserve energy. You will catch waves better. You will ride waves better. If you are stiff and rigid in the water you will feel uncomfortable. You will be tense and nervous. If you stand on a surfboard to rigid and stiff you will wipeout. Move like water to ride water.



  • Take a Break!

beach break

Surfing is exhausting! If you are feeling tried and “rubbery”, tomorrow you will feel sore and drained. I find that coming back to the beach, drink something besides salt water. It will make you feel recharged. Also taking a break and watching how other surfers catch and pop up on waves will help you to visualise what you need to do to catch waves better.




  • Everyone Wipes Out!


Surfing is the perfect analogy for life. Sometimes you succeed and catch that perfect wave and ride all the way to shore. Other times you are defeated and wipeout.

A few things to help during wipeouts:  Stay loose, don’t tense up the wave will release you. The looser you are the faster that release will happen. Stay flat, like a star fish. This will help you from getting driven down deeper than you like going. Get away from the board. If you feel like you are going down kick the the board towards the beach and try to fall backwards. Remember that it is only water not concrete. When you fall off, get back on, everyone wipes out!

Hope that these few simple things, as Zen as they might be help you have a great time taking your first surf lesson. A day of surfing is offered during our Adventure Vacation Package. Playa Encuentro is the best beach I have ever visited to learn to surf. Everyone that I have took surfing as gotten up at least once during their first surf lesson.

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