Dominican Republic is an adventurous place. In a country known for beaches and all-inclusive resorts, there is actually many awesome adventures to be had. Here is a list of Adventuresque’s favorites:

Top 10 Adventures in the Dominican Republic…

scuba diving dominican republic

10 Scuba Diving

The Dominican Republic has 1,288 km (800 miles) of coastline. The Caribbean Sea along the south and The Atlantic Ocean on the north. You can image how much great scuba diving there is here.

mountain biking dominican republic

9 Mountain Biking

There are 3 major range ranges in the Dominican Republic. It is home to some pretty awesome mountain bike trails.

White water rafting Dominican Republic

8 White Water Rafting

Rio Yaque del Norte is the longest river in the Caribbean. It’s head waters come off of Pico Duarte the tallest peak in the Caribbean. It offers class III and IV rapids. White water rafting in board shorts is incredible!

horseback riding dominican republic

7 Horseback Riding

Dominican Republic is a rural country. There are many mountains, beach, rivers, and grottos that can be visited by horseback. Our personal favorite is the horseback ride to Baiguate Falls in Jarabacoa.

Zip lining Dominican Republic

6 Zip Lining

A great way to visit Dominican canopy, zipping from plat form to plat form. We enjoy Monkey Jungle in Cabarete.

surfing lessons Dominican Republic

5 Surfing

Surfing is not too popular in the Dominican Republic. Surfers want to keep it that way. There are waves breaking here 365 days a year. Playa Encuentro, near Cabarete is the most consistent and best place to learn to surf in the Caribbean.

cliff jumping dominican republic

4 Cliff Jumping

There are sea cliffs, river cliffs, waterfalls, and even caves that offer cliff jumping in the Dominican Republic. Our favorite is a Laguna Dudu on the North Coast. It has a zip line that you plunge 35 feet into the springs.

caving dominican republic

3 Caving

Caving here is incredible. Many caves here have indigenous art. Caves were sacred places to native people of Dominican Republic.

hike pico duarte

2 Hike Pico Duarte

Pico Duarte is the tallest peak in the Caribbean. Standing at an elevation of 3098m (10164 Ft) Also the highest peak east of the Mississippi River in North America. The mountain can be summited in a variety of paths. On the way you can pass primary forests, fresh water springs, cloud forests, and numerous bird species.

extreme adventure dominican republic

1 Canyoneering “The Ultimate”

Canyoneering (canyoning) is an activity that requires one to make their way through a canyon. The activities include rappelling, cliff jumping, swimming, scrambling, climbing, and hiking. The Ultimate includes all three sections of The Canyon of Rio Blanco, The Magic Mushroom, The Big Bastard, and Ciguapa Falls.

Matt McArthur

Matt McArthur

Founder at Adventuresque

Matt McArthur is the founder and head guide at Adventuresque. An adventure vacation company in the Dominican Republic. Adventuresque offers extreme vacation packages, family adventure packages, and glamping 2-night packages.

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