What is a Ciguapa?

The Ciguapa (pronounced see-GWAH-pah) is part of Dominican Folklore. They legend of them is similar to mermaids, beautiful, but not innocent. They are beautiful dark or blue skinned female creatures that are nude and only coved by their long black hair. Their feet are on backwards so its impossible to know which direction they went by looking at their footprints.

They are nocturnal creatures and legends states they inhabit Dominican mountains. Legends says they lure men into the forest by singing or from their footprints, thinking they are going to have sexual pleasures, only to kill them. Other legends say that looking them in the eye will bring permanent bewitching.


They are able to caught only by a special dog that has 6 more fingers on their paws, called a cinqueño dog during the full moon.

No is quite sure where the legend of the ciguapa came from. some say it’s part of the folklore of the PreColumbian Taino people. Others think it is linked to African folklore that came with the slave trade that was active during the 16th-17th centuries colonial island history. Neither theory has proof. Never the less the legend is still live and well with people of Dominican Republic.

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