Canyoneering Ciguapa Falls

Ciguapa Falls is the most picturesque part of the canyon. This area has more springs entering it. During your adventure vacation package we will either go canyoneering The Magic Mushroom or Ciguapa Falls. Ciguapa Falls we will spnd more time in the refreshing waters of Rio Blanco. There is also an option of our highest waterfall jump, 70 feet!


Ciguapa Falls
Canyoneering Caribbean
Canyoneering Caribbean
Ciguapa Falls

Ciguapa Falls is the lowest third of The Canyon of Rio Blanco. It offers the most beautiful waterfalls, perfect swimming pools, and the most waterfall jump options. There is only one jump that has to be done and there are options from 14 feet, 25 feet, 40 feet, and 70 feet.

The hike out the canyon you will enjoy by riding a mule to our base camp where we will enjoy some cold beverages and a huge Dominican Family style lunch prepared by one of our guide’s wife. Ciguapa Falls is a magical place and the highlight to Adventuresque’s adventure vacation package.

Wondering what the heck a Ciguapa is? Read more in our blog What is a Ciguapa?

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