River SUP

River SUP

Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP for short has exploded in popularity in the passed decade. The versatility of the SUP has quickly moved it from the ocean to lakes and now SUP river running.

Adventuresque is proud to offer the thrill and challenge of River SUP to our Caribbean Adventure Week itinerary. River SUP combines skills from basic canoe paddling, surfing, and kayaking.

We use a specially designed river SUP board that is made from the same materials as a white water kayak. These boards are buoyant, stable, and made for the tough conditions of a river. Instead of a system of fins there are two molded channels in the rear to keep the board going straight. We go leash-less on the river. In the ocean a board leash can be your best friend. On the river a leash can be your worst enemy.

The Jamao and Yascia Rivers offer class I and class II white water conditions which is a great place to try out how awesome river SUP is! The spring fed rivers flow past lush Dominican countryside.

During our day on the river we will stop to take breaks, do some cliff-jumping put up a rope swing, and do a few multiple runs of some awesome rapids.

Adventuresque is proud to partner up with companies that have a vision for conversation and that are actively taking steps for preserving earth’s sensitive ecosystems for future adventurers.

Adventuresque is a high-adventure week in Dominican Republic. We have an itinerary that is action packed and focused on sustainable outdoor eco-adventures. Our partners are devoted to offering the highest quality eco-adventures while practicing leave no trace and minimal impact.


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