Scuba Diving

What Caribbean adventure vacation would be complete without spending sometime scuba diving in the underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean? Adventuresque has a special program were no mater scuba diving certification or not, you will dive.

Those with dive certifications and looking to log some scuba diving in Dominican Republic will go on a two-tank dive off shore. Those that are not will spend time in a one-hour class, one-hour in the pool, and get to make a thirty-foot dive off the coast in the incredible Sosua Bay.

This course is designed as a  Padi Discovery Diving course that will let you actually make a dive without having to spend weeks getting certifications. Getting a taste for scuba diving will having you wanting more and perhaps you might be interested in getting your certification. There is nothing that compares to spending time under the sea.


What makes this dive special is that you will see coral reef reforestation in action. Adventuresque has partnered up with North Coast Diving who is actively involved in reforesting the once over fished Sosua Bay.

These dives will take you into thriving reefs as well as coral nurseries. Once the corals have reached a certain size, they are transplanted onto 400lbs concrete prisms just off shore to promote marine life.

Adventuresque is proud to partner up with companies that have a vision for conversation and that are actively taking steps for preserving earth’s sensitive ecosystems for future adventurers.

Adventuresque is a high-adventure week in Dominican Republic. We have an itinerary that is action packed and focused on sustainable outdoor eco-adventures. Our partners are devoted to offering the highest quality eco-adventures while practicing leave no trace and minimal impact.


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