White Water Rafting Dominican Republic

The Yaque del Norte is the Caribbean’s longest river. In total it is 185 miles long. Its headwaters are located high in the Cordillera Central Mountain Range. These are some of the highest peaks not only in the Caribbean, but also east of the Mississippi in North America. The city of Jarabacoa will be our adventure base for our white water rafting Dominican Republic adventure.

Yaque del Norte and the town of Jarabacoa are the heart of Dominican Republic’s mountain culture. White water rafting Dominican Republic is truly amazing experience. You will paddle through Class II, III, IV, and V rapids. Each section of the Yaque del Norte white water rafting as a memorable name such as “The Cemetery” “Mike Tyson, Jr.” and “Mike Tyson, Sr.” with a 12-foot vertical drop. The water temperature stays a tropical 70˚F year around. Enjoy the natural scenery of the Dominican Alps as only can be experienced while white water rafting. The tour usually lasts 3.5 hours long and no previous experience is necessary to enjoy this thrill ride. After your white water rafting experience head back to the ranch for lunch and to check out the photos and videos from the day (available for purchase). Adventuresque specializes in the best adventure’s the Caribbean has to offer. White water rafting Dominican Republic is one of the many excursions you will experience during your adventure week vacation. Please visit our home page to find out more about joining an Adventuresque Caribbean Adventure Vacation Package.

Adventuresque is proud to partner up with companies that have a vision for conversation and that are actively taking steps for preserving earth’s sensitive ecosystems for future adventurers.

Adventuresque is a high-adventure week in Dominican Republic. We have an itinerary that is action packed and focused on sustainable outdoor eco-adventures. Our partners are devoted to offering the highest quality eco-adventures while practicing leave no trace and minimal impact.


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