Jarabacoa City of the Everlasting Spring

Jarabacoa lies roughly 1,800 feet above sea level. This elevation gives the town cooler, crisp evenings and milder days. It is also the founding place of Dominican Republic’s ecotourism industry.

The words “Jara” and “coa” in Spanish roughly translate to “land of waters” and this is what the Spanish explorers must of thought when the first came upon this area were 3 very large rivers converge the Baiguate, Jimenoa and the Yaque del Norte.

Jarabacoa is a mountain gem in the Caribbean. In a country that is known for its great beaches, the mountains often get over looked. Dominican Republic is a country that has four mountain ranges. The Central Mountain Range has the highest peaks on the east side of the North American continent. Jarabacoa is off the typical Caribbean tourist radar, but has great mountain adventures.

Jarabacoa is also were we will be white water rafting and do a waterfall mountain bike trek during your adventure vacation week. What makes this place even more special is its cool yet tropical climate. It is known for a heat retreat when the weather gets hot in lower elevation areas of Dominican Republic.

Our awesome adventure vacation week itinerary takes us from cities to the country, from mountains to the ocean, and has an exciting mix of high adventure activities. We know you won’t be disappointed with an Adventuresque Caribbean adventure vacation package.

Adventuresque is proud to partner up with companies that have a vision for conversation and that are actively taking steps for preserving earth’s sensitive ecosystems for future adventurers.

Adventuresque is a high-adventure week in Dominican Republic. We have an itinerary that is action packed and focused on sustainable outdoor eco-adventures. Our partners are devoted to offering the highest quality eco-adventures while practicing leave no trace and minimal impact.



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