Responsible Travel Policy

Our Goals

As an outdoor adventure company, we want to make adventure travel in the Dominican Republic sustainable for the long term. Knowing the tourism choices we make can either have a positive or negative impact on the local Dominican community.  Adventuresque is committed to operating under these responsible travel guidelines, with your help we can all make a difference. We promise to:

Be Environmentally Conscience

While out adventuring in nature we use “Leave No Trace” practices. We have selected lodging that uses renewable energy, recycles, composts and operates under minimal environmental impact. We reduce our waste and encourage our guests to do the same. We remain conscience of packaging, to-go containers, and bottled water. We encourage our guests to use reusable items and provide reusable items for their use.

Be Economically Conscience

All accommodations, restaurants, and adventure excursions are locally owned and operated. We encourage our guests to purchase items that are owned and operated by local vendors, artisans, and shop owners. We hire local guides at a fair living wage. We seek to promote adventure tourism in a positive light within communities in the Dominican Republic.

Be Socially Conscience

Dominicans are warm, friendly, and outgoing people. In some areas, locals have become jaded by tourism. We provide our guests with guides lines for tipping, begging, useful greetings, how to ask for assistance, in both formal and respectful ways. It is our aim to show the local community that their culture, customs, and heritage is respected by Adventuresque guests.

Adventuresque Guests Code of Conduct

  •  Packing– when packing for your adventure week please leave packaging and waste at home where they are more likely to be recycled. The Dominican Republic is emerging. We do not have a well-implemented recycling program and the chances are high that waste will be mishandled, be burnt or not making it to a landfill.
  • Tipping Policy– The Dominican Republic welcomes travellers from all over the world. Being an international destination tipping is different. The government allows all touristic accommodations, restaurants, and services a 10% service fee. Unfortunately, much of this money doesn’t go to the waiter, cleaner, or guide. If prompted by a guest, we suggest that our guests reward exceptional service with a small gratuity of 10%. This is of course at the discretion of the guest and will never be enforced or encouraged by Adventuresque staff, only when prompted by a guest.
  • Begging- The Dominican Republic is a poor country in global north terms. Many people here beg, especially in touristic areas. We at Adventuresque feel it is not our place to come in and start handing out money to individuals. There are many people that are disabled here and have little to no other means, but many are able-bodied adults and children that are being enabled by foreigners coming and handing out money rather than seeking services that provide skills and education. There are many non-profits and NGO’s that Adventuresque supports if a guest wishes to make a donation. This is of course at the discretion of the guest.
  •  Environment Conscienceness- With respects to the natural environment of the Dominican Republic. We encourage a reduce and reuse policy at Adventuresque. Reusing items greatly reduces the waste of single-use items. Reducing our waste is an observant act that promotes sustainability. Being a developing country, Dominican Republic has plastic and styrofoam waste issue that is getting better but is far from where it needs to be.
    • Waste Water- We encourage our guests to take “Navy Showers”. This where you rinse the body, shut off the water, lather up, and rinse off.
      • Using phosphate-free soap – Soaps that contain phosphate can cause overgrowth of plant life in rivers, lakes, and streams. This, in turn, can “suffocate” these sensitive water systems. Adventuresque provides phosphate-free soaps for our guests use.
    • Electrical items- All Adventuresque accommodations run off full or partial solar power. The use of hair dryers, personal air conditioners, and other high-heat consumption items can shut these solar power systems down. Many accommodations provide low consumption items for guest use.

We are doing our part.

Adventuresque runs out of a home office in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. The environmental benefits from running operations from home reduce consumption, the need for transport to and from office, as well as keeping costs down that can be passed on to our guests.

If you have questions about Adventuresque’s Responsible Travel Policy or suggestions of how we can improve on our policy please do not hesitate to contact us.

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